HIN (Holder Identification Number)

15 Jan


A Holder Identification Number (HIN) is a distinctive identifier exclusively assigned by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) to investors upon the opening of a new investment account. Once issued, the HIN links all ASX investments made through that specific platform to the investor through this unique identifier.

However, not all platforms operate with individual HINs. Some utilize a custodial model, grouping investors together under a single custodial HIN. In this arrangement, investors maintain beneficial ownership of shares but lack direct legal ownership. This model may limit control and access to holdings, and in the event of platform issues, there could be challenges or delays in reclaiming stocks.

Tiger Trade, as a CHESS-sponsored investing platform, provides investors opening an ASX account with a distinct HIN number.

How many characters in a HIN?

A HIN comprises an 'X' followed by ten unique digits, totaling 11 characters.

How do I find my HIN number?

To locate your ASX HIN on the Tiger Trade app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Tiger Trade app

  2. Click the “Profile”

  1. Then click the “Account”

  1. HIN numbers show as below

HIN vs SRN: What distinguishes HIN from SRN?

SRN, or Security Reference Number, pertains to issuer-sponsored shares acquired outside a platform and held directly on a company's share registry. If you possess shares both within and outside the Tiger Trade platform, the ones held externally would be identified by an SRN, not your Tiger Trade HIN.

In essence, a HIN identifies ownership of shares held through a specific platform, while an SRN links to shares held independently of any platform.

Can you have multiple HINs?

As a HIN is generated when a new account is established, it is feasible to have multiple Holder Identification Numbers across various platforms for the same stock. For instance, an individual might hold a HIN at another platform for a single share of RKLB and possess a separate HIN for 1,000 shares owned through the Tiger Trade platform.

Can you transfer shares from one HIN to another?

Yes, you can transfer shares from one Holder Identification Number (HIN) to another. This process is typically used in scenarios where you might be consolidating your holdings under a single broker or if you're changing brokers. Please contact Tiger Brokers AU Client Service team for more details.

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