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U.S. Stocks & ETFs

MINIMUM TRADING UNIT FOR U.S. STOCKS The minimum trading unit is 1 share.   3.... STOCKS U.S. stocks are not subject to single-day price rise and fall limits, therefore investors should... DAY TRADING OF U.S. STOCKS Day trading involves high risk.... Day trading refers to a trading where a client buys or sells positions of a stock or stock option within... STOCK SETTLEMENT AND DELIVERY MECHANISM U.S. stocks follow T+2 settlement arrangements where clearing...   View details →

How to Open an Account

(1) Tiger Trade App> Open Account. Then follow instructions to open a Tiger Account.... Steps: Register Online > Complete Information  > Pending Approval (1)    tigerbrokers.com.au or Tiger Trade... What will happen if I do not trade after successfully opening an account?... For clients who want to trade the U.S. markets, they will need to complete this form....   View details →

Options Trading

  Options trading is a high-risk type of trading.... FAQS (1) What is the minimum trading unit for US stock options?... The minimum trading unit for US stock options is 1 contract, generally equivalent to 100 shares.... (11) Stock options with which expiration date are available for trading?... stock options with other expiration dates for clients to trade...   View details →

China A-shares

See the “Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Exchange Trading Interconnection Mechanism” for the specific... Scope of trading Among the various stocks in Shanghai Stock Exchange/Shenzhen Stock Exchange, only A-shares... Tiger Trade (the Trading Software of Tiger Brokers).... Trading hours The Stock Exchanges in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong are opened as follows from Monday... The funds obtained from selling the stock cannot be transferred out on the same day, but can be traded...   View details →

Hong Kong Stocks & ETFs

HONG KONG STOCKS TRADING HOURS Monday to Friday: [Pre-opening Session] At-auction Session:    HKT... MINIMUM TRADING UNIT AND STOCK PRICE RULES FOR HK STOCKS The minimum trading unit for HK stocks is “... HK stocks are subject to the T+0 trading system, that is, stocks can be brought and sold on the same... There is unlimited T+0 trading frequency both for HK stocks and US stocks.   5.... HK STOCK SETTLEMENT ARRANGEMENT HK stocks trading is subject to the T+2 delivery system, that is, for...   View details →

Account Types Available

If you would like to trade options, you will be required to complete an options trading assessment to... Can I trade on margin or do I have to trade in cash.... Cash Trading 2-1. deposit AUD,USD or HKD, then trade in the corresponding market(s) using the deposited... US stocks). 2) 1 trading day after the currency exchange, you may use cash to trade products of which... US stock options). 3) 2 trading days after the currency exchange,you may request to withdraw the cash...   View details →

Order type

For GTC Order of Stocks, should corporate actions (stock split, reverse stock split, merger and dividend... If the stock price does not reach or drop to the limit price, the order will not be executed.... Grey market trading is usually available at 4:15pm to 6:30pm (GMT+8) on the trading day prior to the... day of listing for the particular stock.... Conditional order will only be triggered during regular trading hours (excluding Hong Kong stocks auction...   View details →

Transferring Stock into Prime Account

--------------------------------------------------   Below are the operating instructions of Tiger Trade... SUBMITTING AT TIGER TRADE APP 1.... CHOOSE STOCK MARKET If you have not deposited:   1.1 Open "Tiger Trade" App, and log in.... Click "Trade" > "More" > "Transfer Stock In"   1.2 Choose the market of the stocks to be transferred... If you have not deposited yet:   Click "Trade > Transfer Brokerage Account" to access to the operation...   View details →

How to submit transfer-stock application in Tiger

SUBMITTING AT TIGER TRADE APP 1.... CHOOSE STOCK MARKET If you have not deposited:   1.1 Open "Tiger Trade" App, and log in.... Click "Trade" > "More" > "Transfer Stock In"   1.2 Choose the market of the stocks to be transferred... If you have not deposited yet:   Click "Trade > Transfer Brokerage Account" to access to the operation... The steps afterwards are the same as the steps for the Tiger Trade APP....   View details →

ASX Stocks & ETFs

TRADING HOURS Australian market trade from Monday to Friday on the following: Australian Eastern Standard... /cash-market-trading-hours 2.... MINIMUM TRADING UNIT The minimum trading unit for Australian stocks is 1 share. 4.... INTRA-DAY TRADING Yes, we do allow intra-day trading for Australian stocks. 6.... DO WE PROVIDE SHORT-SELLING FOR AUSTRALIAN STOCKS?...   View details →

Procedure of Funds Deposit

Tiger deposit Page   If you already have a Tiger account, you can visit the deposit page via Tiger Trade... APP or Tiger official website.   1.1 Sign in to the Tiger Trade APP, go to the「Trade」function and for... Deposit」as shown in the picture on the right. 1.2 Visit the official Tiger website, log into your trading... , you can exchange the currency at the bank first (also you can choose the currency you need for stock... trading, such as exchanging US dollars for trading US stocks), and then deposit. 2.3 Select remittance...   View details →

Account Type

CASH ACCOUNT Cash Account only allows trading stocks with cash.... Margin trading and short selling are unavailable.... There is no limit on the number or frequency of T+0 trades.   ...   View details →

Currency Conversion

Open Tiger Trade mobile App, click Me > Trading > Account > Cash > Currency Exchange, specify the currency... When trading global markets, the client may use multi-currencies exchanged in Tiger Trade instead of... →  Tiger Trade App does not do the currency exchange automatically.... For example, if a client deposits AUD and intends to trade US stocks with Tiger, he needs to exchange... the currency: App > Trade > Account > Cash > Exchange. 2....   View details →

Procedure of Withdrawal

Factors affecting the amount of withdrawal include deposit&withdrawal, stock trading, transaction fees... Visit the Tiger Withdrawal page   You can access the Withdrawal page through Tiger Trade APP or Tiger... official website.   1.1 Sign in to the Tiger Trade APP and go to「Trade」 - 「More」- 「Withdraw Funds」....   1.2 Or visit Tiger official website, log in your trading account, go to「My Account」 - 「Withdrawal」... * Rejected: The request didn’t pass the review, you could find the reject reason in Tiger Trade...   View details →

Information about Withdrawal

First confirm the withdrawable amount on the day * Factors affecting withdrawable amounts include stock... trading, settlement, transaction fees, etc.... * To ensure that you can withdraw the full amount of funds, please stop trading and exchange for...   View details →

Operation instructions for notifying the original securities broker to transfer shares

the form according to the "Tiger Receiving Account Info" and the relevant details of the transferred stocks... US Stock Transfer Form Example   HK Stock Transfer Form Example...   View details →

Transferring Stock out of Prime Account

OF TRANSFERRING POSITIONS OUT OF PRIME ACCOUNT Tiger supports outbound transfer of US, HK, and AU stock... Please refer to the following table for specific cases:   Market Fee US 150 USD per stock HK 500 HKD... per stock AU 50 AUD per stock SG 100 SGD per stock   You may need to ask your receiving broker for transfer-in...   View details →