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How to Open an Account

HOW TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT? (1) Tiger Trade App> Open Account.... Then follow instructions to open a Tiger Account. (2) Official Website > Open Account.... Then follow instructions to open a Tiger Account.   2.... How long does it take to open a Tiger Account?... →  The account will be opened within 1 to 3 business days after the account opening application is submitted...   View details →

Transferring Stock into Prime Account

CHOOSE STOCK MARKET If you have not deposited:   1.1 Open "Tiger Trade" App, and log in.... you opened with the original broker... with the same name as your Tiger Account Name.... SUBMIT ON OFFICIAL WEBSITE Open Tiger official website ( https://www.itiger.com/ ),log in and click... "My Account > Transfer Stock In"....   View details →

Currency Exchange

Open Tiger Trade mobile App, click Me > Trading > Account > Cash > Currency Exchange, specify the currency... Open Tiger Trade PC App, click Assets > Cash > Exchange, specify the currency and amount, and then exchange... Tiger Brokers supports trading in multiple markets with one account.    3.... Tiger Account is a multi-currency account that supports multiple currencies, making it easy for clients... The client may view the actual cash amount via App > Trade > Account > Cash....   View details →

Account Type

CASH ACCOUNT Cash Account only allows trading stocks with cash.... AGE REQUIREMENT This account can NOT be opened for children under 18....   View details →

Account Funding

ACCOUNT FUNDING - PROCEDURE Funding through Tiger's website: Login to Official Website > My Account... Funding through Tiger Trade APP: App > Me > Tiger Account > Fund Deposit.... deposit notification is to facilitate the matching of deposits and minimize the time cost for Tiger account... the deposit notification should include the transaction number, client name (in the reference), Tiger account... Can Tiger Account hold funds in multiple currencies at the same time? →  Yes.  ...   View details →

Transferring Stock out of Prime Account

EXPENSE DETAIL OF TRANSFERRING POSITIONS OUT OF PRIME ACCOUNT Tiger supports outbound transfer of US... , HK ( including SZ/SH Northbound Trading Link ), and AU stock positions from Tiger Prime Account to...   View details →

Withdrawable Amount of Cash Account

Only settled cash can be withdrawn in cash accounts.   F&Q: 1.... WHY IS THE WITHDRAWABLE CASH DIFFERENT WITH THE CASH BALANCE IN MY TIGER ACCOUNT?... * Cash balance you can see is the total amount of cash in your account.... WHY IS THE WITHDRAWABLE CASH IN MY ACCOUNT 0?... account balance due to fees being deducted after withdrawal....   View details →

How to generate a statement

How to generate a statement:    - Tiger website > My Account > Statement    - Tiger Trade App > Me... > Tiger Account > Statement Please contact your local customer service team should you have any...   View details →

Singapore Stocks

times shown in this table refer to Singapore Standart Time)   Full Day Trading Half Day Trading Opening... Routine Pre-Open 8:30am to 8:58am / 8:59am1 8:30am to 8:58am /8:59am1 Non-Cancel 8:58am /... 8:58am / 8:59am to 9:00am2 Trading 9:00am to 12:00pm 9:00am to 12:00pm Mid-Day Break Pre-Open... Only limit orders are allowed during Pre-Open / Pre-Close phase.... The Pre-Open / Pre-Close phase ends randomly at any time within this one-minute window and the Non-Cancel...   View details →

Funds Withdrawal

WITHDRAWAL PROCESS REQUEST Withdrawal through Tiger's website: Login to Tiger website> My Account >... Withdrawal through Tiger Trade APP: Tiger Trade App> Me > Tiger Account > Withdrawal....   - Bank Processing: The money was deducted from your securities account, and will be remitted out... The money is being returned to your securities account....   - Remitted: Your money was transfered to your bank account....   View details →

Required Documents

Documents Required in the Account Application What You Need To Provide – Application You will need... Passport * Must be current and valid, signed by the account holder and indicate the passport number... ) * Bank Statement Must clearly show the account holder's full name, current residential address... including mobile phone) or gas bill; validity of the document must be within 6 months and indicate the account...   View details →

China A-shares

Trading hours The Stock Exchanges in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong are opened as follows from Monday...   View details →