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How to Deposit with POLi?

HOW TO DEPOSIT WITH POLI? 1. What is POLi?... * Get instant deposits.... * No fees for deposit with POLi.   2. What currency can I deposit using POLi?... How to initiate a deposit using POLi in the Tiger Trade APP?  ... the deposit status in "Poli > Deposit Request History"....   View details →

Procedure of Funds Deposit

HOW TO DEPOSIT IN TIGER 1.... Visit the Tiger deposit Page   If you already have a Tiger account, you can visit the deposit page via... * For customers without any deposit before, please click 「Deposit Funds」as shown in the picture... Choose the way to deposit and check the deposit guidelines   2.1 Choose how you would like to deposit... * For POLi deposit, please check How to deposit through POLi?...   View details →

Information about Depositing funds

INFORMATION ABOUT DEPOSITING FUNDS 1. How to deposit in Tiger?  ... 1.1 Transfer funds to Tiger (You can deposit money through bank transfer)   1.2 Submit deposit notification... What currencies does Tiger support for deposits?  ... Does Tiger have a deposit threshold?   Tiger has no minimum deposit limit.... Fees and Time for deposit   5.1 Tiger does not charge any fee.   5.2 If you choose POLi for deposit,...   View details →

Currency Conversion

How to do Currency Exchange? 1-1.... After depositing funds, the client may exchange the cash into different currencies and invest in corresponding... , the client may use multi-currencies exchanged in Tiger Trade instead of exchanging in a bank then depositing... After making a deposit (not in USD), does the system automatically convert the funds into USD?... For example, if a client deposits AUD and intends to trade US stocks with Tiger, he needs to exchange...   View details →

How to submit transfer-stock application in Tiger

HOW TO SUBMIT TRANSFER-STOCK APPLICATION IN TIGER Tiger supports inbound transfer of US, HK, and AU... CHOOSE STOCK MARKET If you have not deposited:   1.1 Open "Tiger Trade" App, and log in.... If you have not deposited yet:   Click "Trade > Transfer Brokerage Account" to access to the operation...   View details →

Account Funding

Funding through Tiger Trade APP: App > Me > Tiger Account > Fund Deposit.... Inform Tiger to check" and fill in the deposit notification.... If you deposit funds for the first time, the deposit status will be updated via the Tiger Trade APP.... Submitting the deposit notification is to facilitate the matching of deposits and minimize the time cost... REQUIREMENT ON DEPOSIT AMOUNT Tiger Brokers does not set any minimum or maximum deposit amount requirement...   View details →

Options Trading

(6) How to manage the options with inactive exercise or within exit price?... (7) How to deal with the options, if the price of the brought options (whether call options or put... will be unable to have positive cash after the option exercise, you should either close positions or deposit... (14) How to distinguish between Weekly options and Monthly options?...   View details →

How to Open an Account

HOW TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT? (1) Tiger Trade App> Open Account.... How long does it take to open a Tiger Account?... How can I know whether my account has been successfully opened?...   View details →

How to generate a statement

How to generate a statement:    - Tiger website > My Account > Statement    - Tiger Trade App > Me...   View details →

Account Types Available

Cash Trading 2-1. deposit AUD,USD or HKD, then trade in the corresponding market(s) using the deposited... cash; or 2-2. deposit AUD, USD or HKD and do the currency exchange on Tiger Trade to the local currency...   View details →

Transferring Stock into Prime Account

CHOOSE STOCK MARKET If you have not deposited:   1.1 Open "Tiger Trade" App, and log in.... If you have not deposited yet:   Click "Trade > Transfer Brokerage Account" to access to the operation...   View details →

Information about Withdrawal

How to withdraw funds in Tiger?  ...   View details →

Withdrawable Amount of Cash Account


Procedure of Withdrawal

Factors affecting the amount of withdrawal include deposit&withdrawal, stock trading, transaction fees...   View details →

Order type

the stop-limit order are filled when the market price reaches the stop loss price, but the processes how...   View details →