Daily P&L of a Position = (Today's Market Value - Yesterday's Market Value) + (Today's Selling Value - Today's Buying Value)

Daily P&L ratio of Position=Daily P&L of a Position/(Yesterday's Market Value+Today's Total Opening Position Amount)

All Daily P&L's are calculated according to the local time of the exchange the security trades on.Today's market value equals the real-time position market value; Yesterday's market value equals yesterday's intraday close price × positions qty yesterday, of which the market value of US stocks was taken as the close price at 16:00 Eastern Time.

Total daily P&L of account = the sum of Daily P&L of all the positions held today

Daily P&L ratio=Daily P&L/(Net Liquidation Value - Daily P&L)

Reminder: this formula is for reference only, please refer to the assets.

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