Technology makes for a better investment

Tiger Brokers (NZ) Limited, an Australian registered financial service provider, is a subsidiary of UPFintech Holding Limited, known as "Tiger Brokers" (NASDAQ: TIGR), a leading online brokerage firm focusing on global investors. Tiger Brokers was able to tap on the expertise and insights provided by leading online brokerage firm, UPFintech Holdings (UPFintech) that focuses on global Chinese investors, to help drive fintech innovation in Australia.

Founded in 2014, Tiger Brokers became one of the major players dealing with US equity trading, among trading platforms catered to global investors in less than two years.

Tiger Brokers has offices in China, United States, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Tiger Brokers has over 1 million customers worldwide currently. The company is backed by well-known investors such as Xiaomi, as well as investment guru Jim Rogers.


Market share of online brokers for global Chinese investors in 2017 1


Clients 2


Annual Trading Volume (USD) 3

1. Data derived from e iResearch Report.
2. Data derived from company operating statics as of March 2021.
3. Data derived from company operating statistics as of 2020.

Robust infrastructure and advanced technology

Total Trading Volume in 2020 exceeded $100 billion USD. Tiger Brokers’ proprietary and cutting-edge technology is one of its core strengths compared to traditional brokerage firms. We are a team of engineers and designers who strive to create unparalleled trading experience for our customers.The company is technology-focused with nearly half of the company’s employees working in research and development. Tiger Brokers leverages its proprietary infrastructure and advanced technology to enable trading across multiple currencies, markets, products, execution venues and clearinghouses.Through a proprietary and robust back­end system, we will continue to upgrade our comprehensive trading platform to offer new and innovative products and services for our users.


R&D Staff 4


Underlying Equities 5

1.68M Trades/s

Processing Speed 5


Product Iterations 6

4. The data comes from the Company's operating statistics, and the deadline is October 2020.
5. The data comes from the Company's operating statistics, and the deadline is June 2020.
6. The data comes from the Company's operating statistics, and the deadline is May 2021.

Vincent Cheung
Chief Executive Officer, Tiger Brokers (New Zealand & Australia)


Vincent Cheung is the Chief Executive Officer of Tiger Brokers in New Zealand and Australia. Having founded the Australasian ventures in 2016 he currently manages the overall strategic direction and oversees the day-to-day operations of the business, aligning with Tiger Brokers’ global expansion initiatives. Vincent is a passionate leader with a focus of delivering positive outcomes for clients through leveraging the power of fintech.

Mr Cheung has dedicated himself in Global Capital Markets for over 10 years and has extensive management and broker-dealer experience spanning between Hong Kong, Sydney, Shanghai and Auckland.